Training Manual - Timesheets


Thursday, 19 September 2019

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Introduction - Timesheets


Introducing Timesheets
Total run time 2 minutes.


The Timesheets module is designed to track time of work hours by company.  Within a company you may track hours by any hierachical structure you choose, such as Project, Phase, Task.  Timesheets can break hours into chargeable and non-chargeable cost codes.

The Timesheet document has been developed for use with an approval process and can be configured for pre-addressing to Payroll or other relevant parties.

The workflow of the timesheet is:

  1. Employee creates a Timesheet in a status of a draft awaiting approval by their Manager and submits it.
  2. The Manager then either approves the Timesheet which issues it to Payroll or declines the Timesheet which sends it back to the originator as a draft for editing.

New Timesheet - Timesheets

New Timesheet

  1. Choose Timesheets from the Main Module Menu.
  2. Click New New
  3. A blank Timesheet form opens in a new window.

  4. The document is pre-addressed based on a Distribution Rule. Add any other addressees required.
    Note: Timesheets are usually set up with an approval process, which means you do not need to add your Manager's name here.
  5. The document Status is FOR APPROVAL by ... .  If there is more than one approver, choose the correct person from the select list.
  6. Add a Title.
  7. Select a Week Ending date. When entering your timesheet, use the Week Ending dropdown box to select the time period. The dropdown box lists recent time periods. The colour of the time periods visually indicate whether or not a timesheet has been submitting for that week ending period.

    1. Grey - a timesheet has been submitted for that time period. You will not be able to submit a timesheet for this period.
    2. Red - a timesheet has not been submitted and is past the due date.
    3. Black - a timesheet has not been submitted.
  8. To select up to 10 weeks at a time, Click more.

    Note:  The Due Date of the timesheet will automatically calculate based on the Week Ending Date.  It is a specific number of days (set up in the document type configuration) added to the Week Ending Date.

  9. Select the appropriate options for each  Choose task dropdown menu.  There will be a Choose Task option for each level of company directory set up. 
    For example you may need to choose the project, the phase, task, and shift.  Once selected click Append.
  10. Enter the hours spent on the task this week into the grid.  If no hours are spent on the item on a particular day, leave the text box blank.  The figures you add will automatically be added to the Chargeable Hours section.


    TAB will move the cursor from cell to cell within the timesheet grid.  A pop-up box for a description of will display between each move. Enter a description and hit TAB again to move to the next cell. 

    Shift-TAB will move you backwards within the grid. 

    ENTER can be used to move one line down.

  11. Click Insert to add another Task. 
  12. To edit a Task, Click on it and edit the values.
  13. To delete a task, Click the at the end of the line.
  14. Once all tasks and hours have been added, click SubmitSubmit to send the document to the Approver.
Approve a timesheet - Timesheets

Approve a timesheet

When the Timesheet is submitted for approval, it will appear on the Approver's Notification List.  It will also appear on the Hotlist of both the Approver and the Author.  It may then be approved or declined. If it is declined, it is resubmitted and returned to the Author's Hotlist under DRAFTS.

Approve a single Timesheet

  1. View the submitted Timesheet on your screen.
  2. Click EditEdit
  3. Change the status to APPROVED.
  4. Click SubmitSubmit.

Note: Once the Timesheet is approved, it cannot be edited. However, if a mistake is detected you can withdraw a timesheet and re-submit a new one in its place.

In-line Approving

You can create a report listing all timesheets to be approved, and then approve the timesheets from the report using in-line editing. This saves time because you do not have to edit each timesheet individually. 

To use this function, you will need to create and Save a search

  1. Run your saved timesheet search.
  2. Go through the results, click on the status field to update the status to approved.

  3. The changes are immediate and reflected on the individual timesheets.

To edit a Timesheet

  1. View the Timesheet.
  2. Click EditEdit.  
  3. Make the necessary changes. 
  4. Click Submit Submit

To reject a Timesheet

  1. View the timesheet.
  2. Click EditEdit
  3. Choose the RESUBMIT  Status and click Submit Submit. This will notify the Author via their Hotlist that the Timesheet has been declined.  The Author can then edit the Timesheet and resubmit it for approval.  The Status and Date Declined is automatically added to the bottom of the Timesheet form.

To withdraw a Timesheet

If a timesheet has been approved, you are not longer able to edit it. If an error is detected on a timesheet after it has been approved, you may withdraw the timesheet. You may also then split from the withdrawn timesheet to correct the mistake. To withdraw a timesheet:

  1. View the Timesheet.
  2. Click EditEdit.  
  3. Change the Status to Withdrawn 
  4. Click SubmitSubmit.  Once the timesheet is withdrawn, a new timesheet for that week ending period may be submitted. The withdrawn timesheet will not display on timesheet reports.

Splitting Timesheet

If you find an error on an approved timesheet, you may withdraw the timesheet and then split from the withdrawn timesheet to fix the error and re-submit.

  1. View the withdrawn timesheet.
  2. Click Split.

  3. Enter the Action and Title.
  4. The Week Ending period will default to match the date of the withdrawn timesheet.
  5. Edit the changes.
  6. Click Submit.

You may also create a new timesheet from a approved timesheet.  This is useful if the timesheet for this period is similar to one of a recent time period. 

  1. View the approved timesheet
  2. Click Split.
  3. Enter the Action and Title.
  4. If your timesheets are up-to-date (have been submitted for all previous time periods), the Week Ending period will automatically display the next Week Ending date. If the timesheets are not all submitted for prior periods, you will need to select a Week Ending period from the dropdown box.
  5. Edit the timesheet to reflect this period.
  6. Click Submit.
Process/Close Timesheet - Timesheets

Process/Close Timesheet

Once the Pay Office processes the Timesheet, they can reply and close the Timesheet.

  1. View the approved Timesheet on your screen.
  2. Click QuickCloseQuickClose. This automatically changes the Status to PROCESSED removes the Timesheet from the Hotlists of all parties.