ProjectCentre Release Notes
September 2012

ProjectCentre Utilities

This month we have been working on the back end of ProjectCentre, making big changes that improve stability and performance. Most of these changes are invisible to the end user but make it easier for us to deliver high quality software for you. However there is a handy feature we've added into this release that will be of particular interest to Administrators that control the types of documents used on a project.



Retiring document types


As a Project Administrator you now have even greater control over which document types are used on your project


This new feature will allow you to retire document types that are no longer used on the project. You can also restore them at a later time.


Retiring a document Type
  1. Select the document type want to retire
  2. Click the [Retire] button

  3. A warning will display, Click [OK] to Confirm you want to retire the document type

  4. Click [Refresh document list] link

  5. The retired document will now be displayed in the list with a strike through the text.That document is now no longer available to anyone on the project

Restoring a document Type

  1. Select the document type want to restore
  2. Click the [Restore] button

  3. Click [Refresh document list] link

  4. The strike through is removed from the text and the document is now available with all of the same configuration, permissions and user fields it had before it was retired.