Quality Reports

Quality Reports are run by document type. This gives the option to run a report by Lot (LOT) or sub-lot (sub-lot). To run:
  1. Click on the Reports Module
  2. Select the Quality Report

  3. Select the document type from the dropdown box.
  4. Select the status from the dropdown box.
  5. Enter any date parameters
  6. Click to run the results to the screen or to export the results to a Excel spreadsheet.

Note: The reference numbers of both the parent and related document types are linked. If you click on the reference number, the document will open in a separate window.

Note: In these reports shown above notice the Status column which indicates if any outstanding work exists for the particular document. Also note the Action person who is responsible for taking the action they have been assigned. This report also indicates how long the responsible person has had the document in their possession.