Create New sub-lot

Creating a new sub-lot(sub-lot)

  1. Click on Quality Management Module
  2. Click on ITP document type from the sub menu
  3. The ITP Register will display in the List Frame.
  4. Click on the ITP you would like to use to create the sub-lot.
  5. Click Split
  6. Scroll to Type and select sub-lot as the type of document to Split to.
  7. Address the document to the appropriate party(ies).
  8. Enter a Status use Draft until you are ready to issue the ITP. Once issued, the status will be Initiated.
  9. Enter a meaningful Title to describe the work element.
  10. The ITP and ITP Type will automatically fill in, verify they are correct.
  11. Enter the Lot Description.
  12. Enter the Lot ID.
  13. Enter the Lot Location.
  14. The ITP Checklist will automatically imbed in the sub-lot document.
  15. Add any comments if applicable.
  16. Click .
  17. If you have saved this in Draft status, Issue the document once you are ready to circulate the document.
  18. The sub-lot will preview in a separate window. NOTE: It is necessary to now associate this sub-lot with the Lot. This is a crucial step for proper reporting.
  19. Click Associate.
  20. Search for the correct Lot, highlight the correct lot, and press the right arrow key to move the document in the documents to associate box.
  21. Click .