Create New ITP

Creating a new Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)

Contractors create a series of Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs). The Contractor will create the plan ITP and then send it to the Client for approval.
  1. Click on Quality Management Module
  2. Click on ITP document type from the sub menu

  3. Click on New to create a new ITP.

  4. Address the ITP to the Client for approval.
  5. Enter a Status use Draft until you are ready to issue the ITP. Once issued, the status will be Initiated.
  6. Enter a meaningful Title.
  7. Enter the items in the table format. Enter the ITP sequence steps in the order that the plan must be completed.
    1. Item number enter the numeric step.
    2. Task enter the description of the activity which must be completed as part of the ITP.
    3. Frequency enter how often or when the activity should be completed.
    4. ITP code enter an ITP code if applicable.
    5. Acceptance Criteria enter the description of necessary compliance for acceptance.
    6. ITP revision enter any ITP revisions if applicable.
    7. Action Point enter the action that is to take place.
    8. Standard Spec enter if is a hold point, witness point or test point.
    9. Enter the responsible parties from the client or contractor.
  8. Click .
  9. If you have saved this in Draft status, Issue the document once you are ready to circulate the document.
Note: ITP Forms can be modified using the Forms Editor to customise your requirements. You can create a library of ITPs and retrieve them from a Library and customise them so suit individual projects.