html xmlns=""> How to create a new Inspection & Test Plan(ITP) - Quality Management Module

Create New ITP

Creating a new Inspection & Test (ITP)

  1. Click on Quality Management Module
  2. Click on ITP document type from the sub menu
  3. Click on New to create a new ITP.

  4. Address the ITP to the appropriate parties.
  5. Enter a Status use Draft until you are ready to issue the ITP. Once issued, the status will be Initiated.
  6. Enter a meaningful Title for the inspection and test plan.
  7. Select the ITP code from the dropdown box.
  8. Enter ITP Type.
  9. Enter the tasks descriptions in the order they are to be completed. Enter the initials of the person to check if known (this can be changed later).
  10. After entering the first task, Click to add the next task. Enter the details of the task.
  11. If you need to delete a task, Click .
  12. Click .
  13. If you have saved this in Draft status, Issue the document once you are ready to circulate the document.