System Requirements

System Requirements

ProjectCentre minimum requirements:

*Note: Java is only required if the upload or download managers are being utilized.

ProjectCentre recommended configuration:

Note: Some ProjectCentre functionality requires * and * added as a trusted site in Internet Explorer. Need instructions on how to add ProjectCentre to my list of trusted web sites, set up for pop ups, and logging in? (view tutorial | watch video)

Web Browsers

Web Browsers

Supported Web Browsers:

Unsupported Web Browsers:

Internet Connection

Internet Connection

Networking Requirements:
Any Broadband Internet Connection (Fibre / ADSL / Cable / 3G Mobile Broadband) will be suitable.

We recommend where possible to allocate a minimum of 512kbps download / 128kbps upload bandwitdh per peak concurrent user who is going to utilise ProjectCentre.
Where heavy uploading is required, we recommend increased upload bandwidth capacity of 512kbps per user.

You can test your connection speed to us with our online Speedtest.

Network Latency should ideally be kept to under 50ms.

Technical Notes

IT Department Technical Notes

You can also ping test, most Australian Customers should get less than 50ms response times to our Sydney Based Data Centre.

Note: ProjectCentre automatically emails users passwords and for notifications. We recommend if possible to whitelist to ensure you receive all emails our system sends you.

Email Size Restrictions:
Incoming Emails: 40mb
Outgoing Emails: 20mb