ProjectCentre Modules

After you log in to ProjectCentre from your project's home page, a list of ProjectCentre modules is displayed down the left of the screen on the Main Button Bar.

Note: your Project Administrator determines who has access to which module.

Standard Modules

Standard Modules

Special Modules


  • Overview
    Public area of project seen before logging in.
  • Login
    Logging in and out of ProjectCentre.
  • Activities
    After you log you see your To Do List of items you are working on and important notifications.
  • Transmittals
    Create and manage Transmittals to send or receive documents.
  • Register
    View and manage the Document Register.
  • Correspondence
    View correspondence registers, create new items or reply to items.
  • Search
    Run project-wide searches; view your saved searches or custom reports.
  • Contacts
    View and manage the Contact Register; update your contact details or user options.
  • Reports
    Generate a variety of reports.
  • Meetings
    Set up meeting agendas and add or manage minutes.
  •  TenderCentre
    Set up a tender with comprehensive trade packages for new projects.
  •  FileCentre
    Store project documents other than drawings.
  • Help
    Search for a help topic or browse all ProjectCentre help topics.
  • Notice Board
    A public notice board for non-contractual notices and announcements.
  • Configure
    Settings for the way ProjectCentre works on your project.