ProjectCentre Manuals

ProjectCentre manuals consist of collated sets of documentation pages that are displayed as a single Online page that can be printed.

Be aware that a manual page may be bulky and therefore may take time to load in your browser. If you print a manual page using Internet Explorer, page breaks will be inserted before each major topic.

For your convenience, a printable PDF version is available in the PDF column. (NB, you may need to delete your temporary internet files from time to time to ensure you are viewing the latest PDFs).

The following manuals are available:


ProjectCentre Training Manual - Beginner TRA-UM-BEG.PDF
ProjectCentre Training Manual - Advanced TRA-UM-ADV.PDF
ProjectCentre Training Manual - Document Controller TRA-UM-DOC.PDF
ProjectCentre Training Manual - Company Administrators TRA-UM-ADM-C.PDF
ProjectCentre Training Manual - Project Administrator TRA-UM-ADM-P.PDF

ProjectCentre Quick Tips - Beginner TRA-Q-BEG.PDF
ProjectCentre Quick Tips - Advanced TRA-Q-ADV.PDF
ProjectCentre Quick Tips - Document Controller TRA-Q-DOC.PDF
ProjectCentre Quick Tips - Project Administrator TRA-Q-ADM-P.PDF

ProjectCentre Reference Manual REF-M-001.PDF

TenderCentre Tutorial TRA-TUT-TCR.PDF
TenderCentre QuickTips TRA-Q-TCR.PDF
TenderCentre Training Manual - Competitive TendersTRA-M-TCR-1.PDF
TenderCentre Training Manual - Site-Based Tenders TRA-M-TCR-2.PDF

Contracts Administration Tutorial TRA-TUT-CTR.PDF
Training Manual - Contracts Administration TRA-M-CTR-1.PDF

Assets Management Tutorial TRA-TUT-AM.PDF

Training Manual - Distribution Rules and ListsTRA-M-DIS.PDF
Training Manual - Emailing into ProjectCentreTRA-M-EML.PDF
Training Manual - FileCentreTRA-M-FC.PDF
Training Manual - Meeting ManagerTRA-M-MTG.PDF
Training Manual - Mark-UpsTRA-M-MRK.PDF
Training Manual - MS Outlook Add-InTRA-M-OUT-1.PDF
Training Manual - MS Outlook Add-In SetupTRA-M-OUT-2.PDF
Training Manual - MS Outlook Add-In - Setup and UsingTRA-M-OUT-3.PDF
Training Manual - Defects ManagementTRA-M-DEF-1.PDF
Training Manual - PCMobile User ManualTRA-M-PDA-1.PDF
Training Manual - QuickTextTRA-M-QTXT.PDF
Training Manual - Ricoh InterfaceTRA-M-RIC.PDF
Training Manual - Security LevelsTRA-M-SEC.PDF
Training Manual - Site DiaryTRA-M-DRY.PDF
Training Manual - Site Diary Configuration and SetupTRA-M-DRY1.PDF
Training Manual - Splitting a Correspondence ItemTRA-M-SPL.PDF
Training Manual - Sub ProjectsTRA-M-SUB.PDF
Training Manual - Timesheets TRA-M-TSH-1.PDF
Training Manual - Timesheets SetupTRA-M-TSH-2.PDF
Training Manual - Uploading CAD DrawingsTRA-M-CAD.PDF

Training Manual - Shop Drawing ManagementTRA-M-SHOWDRAW.PDF