Getting started

Getting started with this feature

To start the module

  1. Select the Activities from the module menu
  2. Select the Diary option.
  3. If you haven't used the module before, the first time you choose Site Diary, a Document Type pop-up will automatically appear for you to select the Document Types for your Site Diary.  
  4. Click to transfer the document types into the Included Document List.
  5. Click Ok to close this window. 

    1. Add/Remove buttons are used to select or deselect document types on the Site Diary
    2. Down/Up buttons are used to move the document types into the order you would like them displayed.
    3. OK button saves the changes and closes the screen.
    4. Apply button saves the changes and leaves the screen open.
    5. Cancel button does not save any changes made.
  6. Right-click and select Refresh. The Document Types you have selected will display as tabs along the top of your Site Diary.

    Tool Bar:
    1. NewNew - click to create a diary entry
    2. searchSearch - create a search within the site diary
    3. Config - change the look and fields in the site diary
    4. Help - view the online Help
    5. Date - shows site diary entries for this date.
    6. Site Diary Title - select the site diary to view from the drop down menu.

The next step is to Configure Your Diary to customise how the information is displayed in your diary.