Setting up a Site Diary

Turn on Site Diary in the Module Matrix

Site Diary must be turned on in the Module Matrix. 

  1. Go to Configure Click 
  2. Click on Modules
  3. Click on Matrix
  4. Tick the check boxes for whom the Site Diary will be available
  5. Click Update.


Set up a Site Diary Main Document Type

To set up

  1. Go to Configure 
  2. Click on Document Types. Click NewNew.
  3. Enter the Document Code and select the Site Diary Document Type.

    Note: A "main" site diary document type is set up for each site diary you would like to set up.  If you create more than one site diary, the Diary Main Menu will list the other site diaries in a drop down box for you to select from.  You can easily switch between site diaries. Each site diary will display the selected correspondence document types you choose which feed the main site diary. 
  4. Click .
  5. Fill in the new Document Type form.  Add a Title/Short Title such as "Site Diary".
  6. Click Update.

Set up a Site Diary Document Types

Site Diary document types which will feed into the Diary itself, may include:

  • Incident Notification Sheets
  • Site Hazard Reports
  • Site Visitor Register
  • Plant (to check in/out equipment used on site)
  • Deliveries (to handle site deliveries)
  • Weather (to report on the weather on site)
  • Workforce (to record how many workers for a Subcontractor were on site today).

To set up:

  1. Go to Configure 
  2. Click on Document Types. Click NewNew.
  3. Enter the Document Code and select the Correspondence Document Type.
  4. Click .
  5. Fill in the new Document Type form as needed: 
    1. Title/Short Title - Add as appropriate, e.g. "Site Visitor Register".
    2. Authors - Specify who may author this Site Diary entry.
    3. Addressing - pre-address diary document types using a Distribution Rule. (This is discussed in greater detail in the next section below and should be done after you click Update).

    4. Status - set to "Closed" (since the diary entries generally do not require tracking on the HotList).

      For further explanation of statuses see Status Options.
    5. Default values  - Enter Title Text - This is essential for adding new entries.  If there is not a title the document cannot be added.
    6. User fields - create as needed to customise your site document, for instance, you might require fields for Visiting, Time In, Time Out for a Site Visitor Register.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Click Edit Distribution Rules on the Configure - Document Types Main menu to create a rule for pre-addressing site diary entries (each entry is actually a separate ProjectCentre document).

To automate addressing of Site Diary documents

You can make it even quicker to add entries to the site diary by setting up a Distribution Rule for Site Diary document types so that they will be pre-addressed when a new entry is made.

  1. Go to the Configure main menu option and select the Document Types option.
  2. Select the Edit Distribution Rules option. Click NewNew.
  3. Complete the form for the new distribution rule,  for example 
    New Distribution Rule
    The (*) Selected and (+) Forced tick boxes should be checked.  The (*) Selected tick box ensures that the addressees are pre-selected. and the (+) Forced tick box ensures that the pre-selected addressees may not be removed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The configuration of the Site Diary is now complete.

Tip:  You may configuring Site Diary document types to automatically have a title and status when a new entry is made, which will save time.