Making a site diary entry

Add a diary entry

  1. Go to the Site Diary by selecting the Activities main menu option, then the Diary option
  2. Select the Site Diary.
  3. Click the appropriate tab for the site diary report. All items for the Entry Date (default is today) are shown.    You may change the Entry Date to view any day required (see below).

  1. Click the Add button (bottom right hand corner) A site diary document will be added.

  2. Move the cursor to an empty field (cell)and click. 
  3. Enter the data for the field.

  4. Use the TAB key to move to the next field within that line and continue to enter until all fields are entered.

Add a diary entry for a day other than the current date

You may add a site diary entry for a different date than the current date. To do this:
  1. Select the entry date

  2. Add entries as described above.

There are three dates associated with a site diary entry

  1. Create date - reflects the date the entry was created (in draft or issued status).
  2. Entry date - reflects the date the entry appears in the diary.
  3. Issued date - relects the date the entry was issued.

The different dates will be reflected on the diary document

NOTE: when searching for an entry by Entry Date, use Issued From dates in the criteria.