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Introduction - Site Diary - Activities Module


The Site Diary module collects information from other modules and summarizes it in a day-by-day view.

The Diary displays various document Registers as tabs across the screen. Each line is a form providing a quick method for adding data to the Site Diary.

You can easily add Document Types to be included in the Site Diary, change the order of the tabs, and customise the layout of each register.

By creating new document types and specifying particular user fields on each document type, you can create a new tab on your Diary to record details on just about anything.   

Examples of Site Diary document types include Incident Notification Sheets, Site Hazard Reports, Site Visitor Register, Plant (to check in/out equipment used on site), Deliveries (to handle site deliveries), Weather (to report on the weather on site), Workforce (to record how many workers for each Subcontract were on site today). 

Tip:  Site diary documents are also accessible in the Correspondence Register.  Thus, you may  do Searches on them as you would other documents and Associate documents (for instance, if you wish to link a Site Visit to a Hazard Report).

Site Diary Summary - Activities module

Getting started

Getting started with The Site Diary Module

Starting the Site Diary

  1. Click   Activities on the Module Menu, then the Diary .
  2. In the pop-up select Document Type(s) and click .
  3. Select Document Type and click to customise the Site Diary register.

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Adding an entry

  1. Click on a Site Diary tab.
  2. Click .
  3. Click on the first field and enter the diary entry data.
  4. Use the TAB key to continue to enter data on that line.

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Searching for an entry

  1. Click on the Search Icon
  2. Enter Criteria.
  3. If searching by Entry date, use Issued From dates.

Download Printing the Site Diary

  1. Right-click on any of the Diary registers (in the List Frame).
  2. Choose "Print Preview" and "Only the selected frame".

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Download Customising the Site Diary

  1. Click .
  2. Select Document Type and click to customise the Site Diary register.

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