Who talks To Whom Configuration

Setting up inter-company communications on a project

Otherwise known as the Who2Who Matrix. This option specifies which companies will be allowed to correspond with which other companies. The purpose of this is to control the communications between the companies on the project.

For example, it is usual to prevent a Subcontractor from corresponding directly with the Architect. The Matrix would normally specify that the Subcontractor may correspond with the Contractor, and the Contractor may correspond with the Architect.

Role Mode or Company Mode

The Matrix is either operating in Role Mode or Company Mode. Role Mode is easiest to configure, since there are normally less than a dozen Roles on the project. Role Mode is recommended, and is the default. However, on some project it is required that control is at the Company level, in which case the Matrix must be set to Company Mode.

Note, if the Matrix is in Company Mode, then you will need to update the Matrix each time you add a new Company.