Project Details Configuration

Project Details

To configure the general project details, selet Project Details from the dropdown Configuration Menu. 


Project Number/Project Name
Enter the project number and name as known inside the project team.

Enter the primary contact details of the project.  These details are displayed with the project details at the top of all forms in ProjectCentre.

This is the version of ProjectCentre that you are using. You should only change this on the advice of your ProjectCentre representative.

Start Page
This is the first page displayed when a user logs into ProjectCentre. The start page default is the Activities Module, however you can nominate any module within ProjectCentre.  You may also select URL and enter any Internet address. On some projects the Project Administrator designs and manages a Welcome web page with up-to-date project news.

Select the default language used on this project.  This re-sets the Language option for all users (Contacts - My Details - User Options).

This is the timezone of the project measured in hours offset from Sydney Australia time. There are no automatic changes to the timezone setting.  The ProjectCentre clock is maintained to Sydney time. It is the responsibility of the Project Administrator to keep the time up-to-date on their project.

The Project Administrator(s) are defined here.  Project Administrator(s) are the only users that have access to the Configuration Module.  

Login Administrator
During the setup stage of your project, a ProjectCenter CSE's UserID will be entered so they may set up your project. This requires them to log in as other users on the project. Once setup is complete, the CSE's User ID should be removed for security purposes.

Supported By
Nominate a series of people by their User IDs who should be contacted as the primary support person(s) for this project.  You can also specify the times these persons are on call.  These names are displayed on the Login page and the Project Overview page.

Help Desk
Specify the default Help Desk telephone number for this Project.   The Global Help Desk option is only available to ProjectCentre staff.

Enable spelling checks on drafts
This option enables spell checking on draft documents (if you click Preview or use the Spell Check tool, misspelt words are underlined and highlighted in red).  

Enable project wide Faxing
This option allows the "F" Send option to be used when addressing a document and using the Notify/Send options. 

Enable project wide Email
The Email notification option allows the "E" Notify option to be used when addressing a document.  The Email Document option allows the "E" Send option to be used when addressing a document. The email can be flagged with a High (default), Normal or Low priority.

Attachment Review/Approval
This option requires attachments to emails to be subject to an approval process and reviewed. 

Enable virus scans on attachments
This option has not yet been implemented. 

Click to save all changes.