Tenders Module Configuration

Configuring TenderCentre

This section enables you to activate the TenderCentre Module for this project.  To do so, specify a company in the Company Name field and click Activate

If the company you specified has already used a Preferred Subcontractors Database on another project, this will also automatically link that existing database to the one available in TenderCentre on this project. Note, once specified, you will not be able to update the company - only ProjectCentre will be able to access this Configuration screen.

Configure TenderCentre 

After activating TenderCentre, when you start the Tenders Module and choose "Preferred Subbies" from the Administration - Subbie Admin menu, your Preferred Subcontractors List - grouped by trade - is displayed. 

Note, if you prefer not to use a Preferred Subcontractors Database, you will need to add each company you wish to use individually for each trade you intend to tender for by starting the Tenders Module and, firstly, going to Administration - Subbie Admin - Preferred Trades and choosing the trades, and, secondly, going to Preferred Subbies, clicking Explain and then clicking the link "Fill out this form".