Document Register Configuration

Document Register

This section configures options for the Document Register.

Configure Folder Defaults

This section configures the attributes of new folders created at the top level of the Document Register, and new documents created in the Unfiled folder.

Default Owner
This is the owner of new documents created in this folder. If you leave this item blank, then the company of the person that created the document will be set as the owner. You could for example allocate the user code of the Document Register Administrator, in which case only that individual would be able to move new documents out of the UnFiled folder.

Default Issuer
This is the issuer of newly created documents. If you leave this blank, then the company of the person who created the document will be considered the default issuer.

Default Recipients
Recipients are people who must be sent (or not sent) a copy of the documents. It is usual to leave this blank so that no recipients are set.

Default Access
This specifies who is allowed to access the document. It is usual to enter "ALL" in this field to allow all users permission to see the details of this document.

Note, this configuration specifies if the user can see the document or folder on the Register, and does not necessarily give them permission to access any particular revision of the document. Access to revisions is controlled by the addressing of Transmittals.

Default Special User Fields

Configure company latest document status

This form enables you to specify which revisions of documents are available to particular companies.

For example, you can specify that a particular company is only allowed to access the "latest from the issuer". In the event that a document is superseded by the Issuer, all previous revisions will no longer be accessible to people in this company.

You can also specify the Status and Type (file suffix) of the documents that may be downloaded by this company.

Configure Register Views

This module enables you to set the words associated with the standard view of the Register and additional custom searches of the database.

Configure File Name Convention

This feature enables you to set standard file naming conventions for documents uploaded into the Register.

  1. Regular Expression
    1. To represent any letter, enter "*"
    2. To represent any number, enter "?"
    3. Symbols my be used in between any letter or number patterns
    4. If you leave a blank, any character will be allowed in that place.
  2. Name Append: enter any standard name appendage you would like for these documents
  3. File Extention: define the type of file this naming convention applies to. Do not enter the "." in the extention. You may use a wildcard "*" in defining the extensions.
  4. Security Settings: enter the user or companies that this naming convention applies to. Use the to display a pop-up security window to select from.
  5. Click Add Option when finished.

If a user tries to upload a file without the proper naming convention defined, they will receive an error message