News Module Configuration

Configuring News

This section enables you to make choices pertaining to your News Page.  In this menu you have the option to disable the weather on the News Page and upload a site photo on the News Page. 

  1. Click the Configure Module.
  2. Click the Modules sub-menu item.
  3. Click the News sub-menu item.
  4. If you would like to disable the weather on your News Page:
    1. Tick the tick box for the Weather Option.
    2. Click Update.
  5. If you would a site photo to display on your News Page, the photo needs to be uploaded first in the Overview Module before you configure it.
    How to upload a photo in the Overview Module.
    Once that is complete:
    1. Tick the box for "Enable photo section on the News page"
    2. Select a photo from the drop down list. To  
    3. Click Update.
    4. The photo will display on the News page.