Login Module Configuration

Configuring ProjectCentre login

This section configures any special security settings you might want to impose on logins.

Configure Login

This option enables the Secure Sockets Layer on your project. SSL is an internet security protocol that encrypts the data sent between you and ProjectCentre such that if it was intercepted on the Internet an unauthorised person could not read it. This may have a noticeable performance impact on older computers, such as those using the old 486 chipset.

Security levels apply
Check this to apply a security level against every document.  Only users with the same level or higher will be able to access the document. (Show me more)

IP Address access restrictions
Specify the IP addresses that may access the project.

Password Never Expires
The passwords on this project never expire.

Password expires in [n] Days
You can specify that passwords are to expire in a certain number of days. Each time a user logs in, ProjectCentre will test to see if the password has expired, and if so will ask the user to set a new password, and save the expiry date of that password.

Remember [n] passwords
You can prevent users from using passwords that they have recently used. Here you can specify the number of passwords that ProjectCentre will remember.

Minimum [n] characters
This specifies the minimum password length. If you specify zero, then no password is required at all. This is not recommended, since passwords are your users' digital signatures on the project. Setting passwords to zero length will invalidate ProjectCentre data as evidence in the event of legal proceedings.

Minimum strength
This specifies the minimum strength required for the password.  The strength pertains to the combination of alphanumeric and special characters required for a password.

Automatically generate password for new users
This option forces the system to generate a random password for each new user that is created. This password will be emailed to the new user with other details regarding how they can log in.