Correspondence Module Configuration



This form enables you to upload letterheads that are displayed on the correspondence of each company. These should be black and white GIF files at around 300 dpi, formatted to print correctly on a laserprinter. A letterhead GIF will commonly be about 1000 pixels wide, and 100-300 high. It should be less than 10 Kb in size. The image will be scaled to fit the width of the page - so it will look small when scaled to fit onto the screen.

Note, if you want the image to be right-aligned, you will need to draw it on the right hand side of the GIF.

There must be at least a file named Letterhead.gif that is the default letterhead file for the project. You can also upload letterheads for specific companies, to be used as the letterhead on their correspondence. The filename will be "letterhead" and the company code, separated by a minus sign. For example, "Letterhead-cadx.gif".

Templates and User Forms

If you have a special layout requirement, you can approach this either with a Template, or a User Form, or a combination of the two. A Template is used to create a specific layout for a document type, or all documents for a company. The User Form is a 'plug-in' that can appear at a pre-defined position within the Template.

Templates and User Forms are written in XSL. Data from ProjectCentre is formatted according to the layout specified in the XLS file. Project Administrators can create Templates and User Form themselves, if they have a reasonable understanding of XSL.

For example, you may set up a Template for all correspondence for a particular company. The template specifies the fonts, the letterheads, and the general look and feel of all correspondence for this company. You might then create a number of User Forms that plug into the Template depending on the document type. Using this technique, if you change the letterhead on the Template, all documents from this company will be changed. The User Form itself is only a small portion of XSL.


Upload a document template file. The document templates are XSL stylesheets that you can design to meet your company's requirements. Using a specific template, you have complete control over the way the document looks. You can usually match your standard corporate document layouts exactly, including the layout, letterhead, and any special fields, checkboxes, etc.

When formatting a document ProjectCentre looks for a specific XSL in the following order:

  1. This document type specifically for the Author's company, e.g. RFI-PC.XSL,
  2. This document type, global (for this project), e.g. RFI.XSL,
  3. Any type, for this company (for this project), e.g. DEFAULT-PC.xsl
  4. Any type, any company (on this project), e.g. DEFAULT.xsl
  5. The all-documents, all projects, default, e.g. DEFAULT.XSL

User Forms

Upload a document User Form. A User Form can be used to create a user-defined form that includes a large number of special fields that requires particular formatting. This is very useful for reports such as the 'daily site report', 'concrete pour inspection report', etc.

You may upload two files:

A User-Form can plug into any document, including documents that are formatted using a user specified template.

A User-Form may contain any number of fields. These fields can be either "User Defined Fields" (UDFs) or "Form Fields". The differences are:

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