Contacts Module Configuration

Contacts Module Configuration

Restrict the Contacts Register

Tick this checkbox to only show the names in the Contacts Register of the users allowed to correspond with one another according to the Who To Who Matrix. Click Update to save this selection.


Use this form to create, configure or delete Roles for each user or consultant.


  1. To add a new Role, enter the Role Code in the smaller box, then the Role Description in the larger box. Click Add Role.
  2. To remove a specific Role, click on the [x] button next to their name.
  3. To update the Role Description, edit it and click Update.
  4. To edit the defaults for a Role, click the Role Code. When new companies are created they are set to use these defaults, according to the Role selected for the new company.

    Edit Default Options for Role
    • Document Register Views
      The Register Views available for this company in the Register View Menu.  If nothing is selected, then all options will be available.  Otherwise, select from this list as needed (you can select multiple options):
      • Inherit From Role:
      • All Views:
      • Latest From Anyone:
      • Latest Attention To Me
      • Latest From The Owner
      • Latest From The Issuer
      • Latest I Can Access
      • - FA: For approval
      • - FC: For Construction
      • - FI: For Information
      • - PR: Preliminary
      • - RWC: Reviewed with comments
      • - TD: Tender
    • Correspondence Register Views
      Correspondence Register View Restrictions: You can select whether or not to show the ALL option in the Correspondence Register. The ALL option lets users in this Role see the total correspondence list from everyone in the project. Options are:
      • Inherit Module Setting: (This uses the setting under Configure - Modules - Correspondence - View Options).
      • Do not Show the ALL option in Correspondence Register
      • Show ALL option in Correspondence Register

      Important!  The Correspondence Register View can be set at the following 3 levels:

      1. Project (under Configure - Modules - Correspondence - Options). See Correspondence Configuration.
      2. Role (under Configure - Modules - Contacts.  Click on a Role and select the desired Correspondence Register Views option).
      3. Company (under Contacts - Company - Options).  See Company Options.

      Note, the Role setting overwrites the Project setting and the Company setting overwrites the Role setting. UNLESS the global override option "Never show the ALL option even if it is configured for the company or a role" is selected for the Project.

    • Latest
      Register access restrictions: You can set company wide register access restrictions against this company. This will ensure that people in this company can only download the LATEST versions of documents Once a document is superseded, it is no longer available for download by this company You can apply further restrictions to ensure only documents of a particular status may be accessed (e.g. AFC) and that only documents of a particular type (e.g. PDF) may be downloaded.  Options are:
      • Register View:
      • Status:
      • Type:
    • Security

      Transmittals and documents on the register

      • No Special Access
      • My peers or superiors may access
      • Anyone in my company may access (default)

      All types of correspondence

      • No Special Access
      • My peers or superiors may access (default)
      • Anyone in my company may access