Variations on Account

Variations on Account

Creating a Variation on Account - Project Manager

A Variation on Account (VOA) is to be used when work must commence immediately and variation details have not been finalised.   Claims may be made against a VOA.  Once terms are agreed upon, a VOA will convert into a standard variation seamlessly.

    1. Retrieve the Budget.
      1. Click Budget from the Module Menu.
      2. Click the Budget sub-menu
      3. The Budget Register displays in the list frame. 
      4. Select the correct budget to display in the detail frame.

    2. Click on an ItemID of the relevant contract.

    3. The Budget History will open.
    4. Click  Contract Variation.

    5. Select a VOA document to open. 

    6. Action this VOA to the contractor or consultant.
    7. Choose INITIATED as a Status.
    8. Add a descriptive Title.
    9. Tick the box if you would like Claims to be made against this variation on account.
    10. Enter a Rate to set a maximum amount for this variation.  This will prevent claims above this amount.  Otherwise, you may leave this at zero and there will be no limits on claims against this VOA.
    11. Click  Submit.
    12. To reference a related document, e.g. an RFI, Click Associate and select the appropriate related document(s).
    13. If you initially saved the variation in a Draft status, you may Edit as needed or  Issue to submit it.

    Claiming against a VOA

    Claims are created and submitted from the Contract.

    1. Select the Contact and bring it up in the detail screen.
    2. Click Create Claim.

    3. A Claim will open. 
    4. Action Claim to the Project Manager or applicable person. 
    5. Choose a SUBMITTED Status.
    6. Change the Title to represent this Claim
    7. Select if you are attaching a statutory declaration.
    8. Select the VOA line item and enter the Value Completed field. 

    9. Click  Submit when finished.
    10. The Progress Claim will display.

    11. The Claim is listed on the Budget History for this line item. The amount is updated automatically on the budget in the Claims Pending column.

    Converting a VOA to a Variation

    Once the terms of a variation are finalised:

    1. View the VOA
    2. Click Convert to VAR.

    3. A warning message will ask you to confirm that you want to transfer this VOA to a standard variation, Click OK.

    4. A variation will open with all the previous information stored.  Edit as needed.
    5. Change the Status to APPROVED.
    6. Click Submit
    7. A Variation is now created and the VOA is withdrawn. Claims made against the VOA previously, will rollover to this variation.


      NOTE: The Pending Claims will automatically update if the amount is changed on the Budget.

      All the documents are listed on the Budget History for a full history.