Contract variations

Contract Variations

The Contract Variation Process

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  1. Submit a Contract Variation
  2. Respond to Contract Variation
  3. Approve a Contract Variation


Submit a Contract Variation - Project Manager

This process assumes the variation has been negotiated and the variation is ready to be submitted for approval. If the variation is still in negotiation but the work must start immediately, you may use a Variation on Account.

    1. Retrieve the Budget.
      1. Click Budget from the Module Menu.
      2. Click the Budget sub-menu
      3. The Budget Register displays in the list frame. 
      4. Select the correct budget to display in the detail frame.

    2. Click on an ItemID of the relevant contract.

    3. The Budget History will open.
    4. Click  Contract Variation.

    5. A new Contract Variation will open. 

      Note: You may need to select the correct type of variation if you have more than one.

    6. Action this variation to the contractor or consultant.
    7. Choose a Status. "DRAFT" allows you to save and edit your contract variation. Otherwise choose an open status, e.g. PROPOSED or PENDING APPROVAL.
    8. Add a descriptive Title.
    9. Click  Submit.

      This variation will be reflected on the budget in the Variations Pending column until approved.

    10. To reference a related document, e.g. an RFI, Click Associate and select the appropriate related document(s).
    11. If you initially saved the variation in a Draft status, you may Edit as needed or  Issue to submit it.

Respond to a Contract Variation - Contractor

Variation Requests
Training for the Contractor on how to reply or submit a price variation.

The contractor will complete the Contract Variation form in accordance with the scope of work required.  You may also need to attach any relevant documentation to do with the variation.
  1. View the Contract Variation by accessing it from your Notification List or Contract Variation Register.
    To access via the Contract Variation Register:
    1. Click on the Contract Admin from the Module Menu.
    2. Click on the Contract Variation Sub-menu.
    3. Select the type of Contract Variation you are seeking. The Contract Variation Register will display in the List Frame.
    4. Select the Contract Variation from the Register.

  2. Click Respond
  3. Action the Variation back to the Project Manager
  4. If applicable, upload any relevant documents that affect the price, scope of the work, and the current  approved program/schedule.
  5. Enter, Edit or Review the Description, Qty, and Rate of the variation.
  6. Click  Submit

Approve the Contract Variation - Project Manager

  1. View the Contract Variation (submitted to you for approval by the Contractor) by accessing it from your Notification List or Contract Variation Register.
  2. Click Respond.
  3. If you are ready to approve the Contract Variation, choose the APPROVED status. 
  4. If you are not ready to approve: Choose a status to reflect (e.g. REJECTED or RESUBMIT) and readdress the Contract Variation back to the Contractor. 
  5. Click  Submit.

Contract Variations on the Budget

The Contract Approved amount is automatically updated on your budget.

The Contract Variation is added to the Budget History.