Claims and Payment Certificates

Submitting Claims

Create a Claim - Contractor

Click here to view ProjectCentre's Submitting Claims Training Video

  1. Claims are created and submitted from the Contract. To View the Contract:
    1. Click Contracts Admin from the Module Menu
    2. Click the Contracts sub-menu
    3. Click on the Contract Register to display it in the list frame. 

  2. Select the Contact and bring it up in the detail screen.
  3. Click Create Claim.

  4. A Claim will open. 

  5. Action the claim to the Project Manager or applicable person. 

    Note: the addressing of this Document Type can be automated via a Distribution Rule so that it is pre-addressed to the appropriate person.

  6. Choose a SUBMITTED Status.
  7. Change the Title to represent this Claim
  8. Select if you are attaching a Statutory Declaration.
  9. You can now add your "claimed for" amount.  Click on the line item so it is highlighted.  Then either add the percentage of the work done for the billing period in the %Completed field or a dollar amount in the Value Completed field.  As soon as you enter the percentage the Value Completed is calculated automatically or visa versa.
  10. Click the next line item or variation you need to claim, and repeat.

  11. Click  Submit when finished.
  12. The Progress Claim displays.

Pending Claims on the Budget

The Claim is listed on the Budget History.  The amount is updated automatically on the budget in the Pending Claims column.

Approve and Schedule Payments - Project Manager.

Click here to view ProjectCentre's Responding to a Claim

  1. View the Claim submitted to you for approval on your Notifications List or  Claims Register
  2. Click Respond.

  3. Select a line item to schedule payment on.  Enter the % Scheuled or Value Scheduled and enter a Reason.
  4. Once payments are scheduled to your satisfaction, change the Status to CERTIFIED.
  5. Click Submit
  6. NOTE: At this point, Pending Claims (on the budget) will automatically updated the budget to the amount certified.

  7. The Payment Schedule will open.

  8. Action to the Contractor.
  9. Review and change the Status to ISSUED.
  10. Click Submit
  11. NOTE: The claim will still be reflected in the Pending Claims column until the Claim is marked PAID.

Recording Payment

When a Claim has been paid:
  1. Open the Claim and change the Status to PAID
  2. Click Submit

The Paid Claim will be shown on the budget in the Paid to Date column.