Budget Forecasts

Creating a Budget Forecast

Click here to view ProjectCentre's Budgets Forecast Training Video

  1. Retrieve the Budget.
    1. Click Budget from the Module Menu.
    2. Click the Budget sub-menu
    3. The Budget Register displays in the list frame. 
    4. Select the correct budget to display in the detail frame.

  2. Click the ID of the item to adjust to open the Budget History for the line.
  3. On the Budget History page, click the Forecast on the top toolbar.

  4. A Budget Forecast  will open in a separate window.

  5. Action the Variation to the person the Budget is actioned to.
  6. Enter a Title describing the forecast issue.
  7. Change the Status from Draft to an open status e.g. Open or Predicted.
  8. Enter the item's new Description, Quantity and Rate. You may insert additional lines and indent sub-items as needed.
  9. Optionally, Click Upload Manager or click ti attach any supporting documentation, such as quotes received. 
  10. Click Submit

Forecast on the Budget

An open budget forecast displays in the Uncommitted Works column of the Budget and included in the Forecast Cost to Complete column.

All budget forecasts are listed in the Budget History for that line item.

Removing a Forecast

To remove a forecast from a budget, the status must be CLOSED.  The amount of the forecast will be removed from the budget.  The forecast will remain in the budget history and the forecast register for audit history.

To close a Forecast:

  1. View the forecast
  2. Click QuickClose

Or if you need to add a comment:

  1. Click Respond.
  2. Change the Status to Closed or Expired.
  3. Add a comment
  4. Click Submit