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All questions that we receive regularly from our customers are covered below in our Troubleshooting links.


I've forgotten my password

On the homepage of your project you are able to reset your password. Follow the link underneath the login sections and enter either your email address or user ID and continue following the prompts. You will receive an email with your log in details.

Note: If you have previously tried to log in incorrectly (8) times your account will be locked and will need to be re enabled by either an Administrator of the project or by contacting the ProjectCentre helpdesk.

I'm on more than one project. Is there an easy way to access all of these projects?

You can create a Global user ID. This will give you one log in that will allow you to navigate from project to project with one log in. If you need assistance setting it up, contact our help desk

I can't see the person in the address book that I need to send these documents to

Projects are configured so that you can only address those people on the project that you have been allocated to correspond with. You will need to either speak to an administrator on the project or by contacting the ProjectCentre help desk to enquire about granting you the ability to address those not already assigned.

I am always addressing the same people. Is there a way to automatically address a document?

You can set up a distribution list and select it when you are addressing a new document. Please feel free to contact our helpdesk if you need more assistance.